Collectique takes your

Click & collect strategy to the next level

Creating a shopping experience that makes the difference
between 📦😊✔️ & 🎁🤩❤️


Usually it’s the shop owner who decides what’s available in store, so what can be tried on in the fitting room. With Collectique, customers can now make that decision even before they enter the store.

Hi, I’m Claire and I strongly believe in the complementarity of the physical & digital world: being inspired online, complemented by a great in-store shopping experience, where you can truly take your outfit to the next level. One story reinforces the other. Connecting both realities with one another in a satisfying way and finding the right balance, that’s the challenge!

That’s why I want to match brands and webshops to complementary boutiques. Collectique always offers a unique selection of Collectique points, tailored to a specific brand or webshop. An approach that is everything but a one-size-fits-all.

About Fit & Collect by Collectique - our mission and vision

Mission and vision

Your customers have changed. Have you?

Many customers are still reluctant to buy online. They like the variety of choice and abundant inspiration. But they often doubt to click the ‘purchase’ button when they cannot feel and try on the items, like they can in-store. Your low conversion rate means you are missing out on a lot of potential sales…

If you want to boost your conversion rate, your delivery and return service needs to be flawless. Missed deliveries, complex or time consuming return procedures, unpleasant pickup points,… they all have a bad influence on your brand experience.

E-commerce has a devastating impact on mobility and the environment. The most important factor? The last mile delivery. That’s why working with centralized pickup and fitting locations not only lowers your transportation costs, it also significantly lowers your ecological footprint. How big is yours?

Customers often don’t want to take the risk of going to a store, only to find out that their favourite item is not in stock anymore. That’s why some customers decide to buy online, and have it delivered at home. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t like to receive personal advice or enjoy a rich in-store customer experience. If they could just make sure that the items they want are ready for them at the store, they would be happy to pay your store a visit. Do you already offer best of both worlds?

“I have my own stores as pickup locations”

It’s a good start, but you’re missing out on two important amplifiers. First, you only have a limited amount of stores and remember, customers are lazy. Every customer that is not living at less than 5 km distance from one of your stores, is potentially lost. So if you want to reach more customers, you must expand your retail network by opening new stores or simply by closing partnerships. Secondly, your customers already checked your collection online. That’s why your own stores are less attractive as pickup locations, since they only bring few additional value.

“My logistics company already offers pickup points”.

Regular pickup points are not your regular fashion boutiques. They usually do not have fitting rooms and offer very limited personal service. In addition, as a webshop, you cannot pick and choose which pickup points you add to your checkout. It’s all or nothing. But as a brand, you want your customer experience to be as memorable as possible throughout the whole customer journey, which is much more likely to succeed at a charming location that matches your customer’s expectations. Are they fully met at your local gaz station?

“My collection is available in many retail stores”

Local shopping is great and should always be encouraged! But often customers know exactly what they want and don’t want to take the risk of driving all the way to the store to find out that their favourite colour or size is not in stock. Can you guarantee that your collection is always fully available at all your retail patners? Instead, many customers prefer to check and buy online. At least, if there’s a convenient delivery and return policy in place. If not, they will postpone their purchase or worse, go to your competitor.

“Home delivery is the biggest luxury, why offer alternatives?”

For many customers, home delivery can be a real pain. If they are not home or if they don’t have the possibility to receive parcels at work, missed deliveries can cause customers a lot of stress. And planning deliveries requires effort too. Not to mention that home delivery is a luxury that our society won’t be able to afford anymore. Therefore, many customers prefer to collect their online orders at a convenient pickup location nearby.

“My store has its own webshop and you can find us on market places”

Running a multibrand webshop with your in-store collection and making it available on a marketplace, is a great first step. But it can be expensive and very time consuming. In addition, you have to manage separate inventories, often to sell one and the same collection. Again, your online collection is limited to the items you still have in stock. So you’re missing out on a bunch of customers who live nearby and who are looking online to buy other items and brands. Wouldn’t you want to welcome them in your store and get to know them better?

That’s why Collectique introduces you to an omnichannel 2.0 solution