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Enhance your online customer experience

Enhance your online customer experience and conversion rate by adding shipping, fitting, collecting and return services. Collectique helps you close the right partnerships with boutiques and retailers to make it possible.

What can Collectique offer?
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Increase your traffic and revenue

Attract more customers in your store(s). Gain new revenue streams through collaborations with your favourite brands. Collectique brings together the online and offline world to create a seamless shopping experience.

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Fit & collect your fashion orders in a store nearby

Online fashion shopping is more fun if you don’t miss out on deliveries, if you can immediately try the items before taking them home and enjoy an easy return process. Simply ship your online order to a fashion store nearby with Collectique.

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Online shopping has its perks

Still, customers face many obstacles while shopping online. Missed deliveries, driving back and forth to pickup locations with no fitting option, time consuming returns, the list goes on.

With Collectique, you can introduce the perfect phygital flow to your customers: The possibility to immediately fit, collect & easily return an order in a store just around the corner. Personal service included. Our service will not only boost your sales, it will also strengthen your brand image and customer loyalty in the long run.

At Collectique, we take care of a seamless click & collect experience and the right retail combos. Matching brands, webshops and stores for click & collect purposes, that’s our job. We look at ways to make your shipping and return policy as cost and time efficient as possible, grouping orders and integrating additional services like pickup calendars and reservations.. Just ask us about our partnership options, plug & play IT tools, or tailored solutions that fit your needs. We’ll make sure your click & collect service lives up to your customers’ expectations!

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What our partners are saying...

“Home delivery is not always the most ideal solution. Thanks to Collectique, we can also service those customers who want to combine the convenience of online shopping and the ability to try on our clothes in a fitting room. A simple return process for the customer and a convenient dashboard for us. Highly recommended for all webshops active in fashion!”

KLEIR Antwerp

“With Collectique we can efficiently connect our online customers to our multi-brand stores. This gives our customers the opportunity to pick a location where they can try things on, receive personal advice, and enjoy an impeccable click & collect service. This omnichannel service allows us to respond even better to the ever-evolving needs of our customers and wholesale partners.”

Thelma & Louise

“As a young brand we want to offer our ever more demanding customers the best possible click & collect service. We strongly believe that Collectique is an added value to our webshop to do just that!”

Pure by Luce

“Delivery & return options are the most important concerns of a consumer. Every solution that enhances this “delivery” experience, will improve the sales & conversion rate of a webshop. Collectique offers that kind of solution.”

Greet Dekocker - Safeshops

“Brands and shops can speak to a larger audience thanks to the services of Collectique. The shopping experience just got an extra boost!”

Wendy Luyckx - Creamoda

“Finally there is a service that brings together the offline retail world with the emerging
e-commerce players.”

Maarten Deboo - CEO BALDWIN

“Physical retailers can attract customers that they normally wouldn’t reach, and online webshops/brands can offer a better service. Through this exchange, both can learn from one another & reinforce their shopping experience.”

Isolde Delanghe - Director Mode Unie

“It’s absolutely remarkable how the strengths of online and physical shops are bundled with respect to the needs of the customer. All stakeholders grow bigger and get stronger with the service of Collectique.”

Els De Deken - Retailexpert & Startup coach