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Today, click & collect solutions are vital for every retail business. You can choose to offer a standard click & collect option, or include a fitting and easy return service, and open up to a whole network of existing and potential retail partners to make your shipping and returns more sustainable, and customer-friendly.

With Collectique, you can choose to connect your own stores as click-and-collect points, or also collaborate with independent retailers that fit your brand. You can choose these from our partner network, or actively search for suitable locations yourself.

Our Collectique shipping option, with an accompanying order processing platform,  ensures that your brand experience extends seamlessly into the customer’s shipping and return experience.

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Connect to a broad physical retail network via Collectique

Add sustainable pickup and return locations to your checkout ?

Want to offer your customers a sustainable alternative to home delivery that simultaneously boosts your conversion rate? Then you’re in the right place at Collectique. We’ll help you significantly reduce your missed deliveries, while keeping your return rate and return time sharp.
The importance of sustainable and user-friendly delivery options such as click & collect continues to grow. Today we see that 3-15% of all orders at our webshops are shipped via our shipping option.
During the Christmas period, and when your products are regularly purchased as gifts, an extensive click-and-collect network is even more essential for your conversion.
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More than 50% of online customers finds the delivery and return process inconvenient and too time consuming. As a consequence, customers postpone their purchase or worse, go to a competitor. On top of that, the biggest reason for not ordering online is that customers first want to fit and try items on, before taking things home. And 1 out of 5 customers likes to receive personal advice from a shop assistant.

Collectique offers your customers the solution they are looking for: a local fitting point where they can immediately fit, pick up and return their items and enjoy a real in-store experience.

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Customers are becoming more and more conscious about the environmental impact of their shopping behaviour. They expect your brand to evolve with them.

With Collectique, you can offer an eco-friendly alternative to home delivery.
By grouping your orders to central locations near your customers, you not only lower your transportation costs, you also significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of the last mile. It’s a great way to make your e-commerce activities more eco- & mobility-friendly while giving your clients a premium shopping experience.

There is always someone present at the Collectique point, which means that your parcel will usually already arrive at the first delivery moment. This means that you can lower your shipping costs and that you will get less questions from customers about their deliveries and returns. Collectique points offer your customers peace of mind, which saves you a lot of time and energy on customer service. They also keep an eye on your products to make sure your customers won’t send you any damaged returns. Nice bonus: Collectique will lower your out-of-stock time and boost customer satisfaction.

You can make an individual selection of our Collectique points based on your own requirements. Do you want to make a selection based on brand image, product category, style or region?

  • Do you only want to work with high-end stores, specific concept stores or local stores?
  • Do you want to add your own retail stores?

That’s all possible. Collectique is a 1-on-1 matching tool and takes all your preferences into account.

Thanks to our individual commission-based reward system, you can build new sustainable partnerships with stores and boutiques for your online sales channels.

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