Double win

Boutiques are more than your regular shop &
Collectique points are more than your regular pickup point.

Sign up for free to become a Collectique point with your store and welcome new customers in your door. Every parcel brings along a potential customer and will boost your turnover. Not only because of the cross selling opportunities, but you can earn a commission on online orders too.

Become a collectique point to lift offline traffic

How many reasons do you need?

Let e-commerce be a traffic driver instead of a traffic drainer

Many customers want to shop exclusive items online and try them on in a store nearby, before taking things home. By becoming a Collectique point, those customers will also discover your in-store offer and are very likely to become your customers too!

Whether you run a small boutique or a large store chain, you need traffic to grow your business. Collectique allows you to welcome new customers who want to fit and collect their parcel in a store with fitting rooms around the corner.

Compared to a webshop, your store only has a limited amount of square meters and therefore a limited collection. With Collectique you can offer customers unlimited brands and products, while making money on them and gaining new customers.

You can make an individual selection of the webshops and brands from which you wish to receive parcels and customers. Do you want to make a selection based on brand image, product category, style or target group? Do you only want to work with high-end brands or local webshops? That’s all possible. Collectique is a 1-on-1 matching tool and takes all your preferences into account.

Check which brands and items are being ordered and which are most popular with your target group. This can give you useful insights on how to optimize your own in-store offer. With Collectique, you collect relevant data and insights in the fashion trends that help your business become more profitable.

How it works?


A customer shops online at one of your partner webshops, and opts for the Collectique option in checkout. Your store is selected as Collectique point.


The order is shipped to your store. When the order arrives, you can recognize the parcel by the ‘Collectique’ sticker, so you can immediately put it in the correct spot in your storage space. The customer receives a notification that his/her order has arrived.


The customer enters your store and you welcome him/her to immediately try on the items in one of your fitting rooms. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the customer, give personal advice & show matching items from your own collection.


Customers will collect the items they want and leave what they don’t. You can upgrade the customer’s experience by offering a bag, without the unnecessary packaging.


In case of a return, you can easily fill out the return form online and use the return label enclosed in the packaging. Once a week, you can group all the returns before shipping them back.

You can easily follow the status of each order on our Collectique platform.

How to collaborate?

Sign up & choose your partners

You can join Collectique completely free. The only thing you need, is a fitting room and a computer or a tablet. Once you decide to become a Collectique point, we will provide you with a portfolio of potential partners, from which you can pick and choose the brands or multibrand webshops you want to work with. It’s up to you to decide which parcels and customers can enter your store. With your partnerships in place, you can be up & running as a Collectique point in only a few hours.

Sign up here if you want to receive more information or schedule a personal meeting.

Learn how to process orders

The only thing you need to process Collectique orders is a fitting room, some storage space and a computer. All order updates can be checked on our online platform. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, you can always contact Collectique for personal support.

Get paid regularly

You will receive a considerable commission on each online order that is collected at your store. This commission is significantly higher than the fee you would receive as an “ordinary pickup location”.

Fill in your contact details

We will contact you as soon as possible for more information, a demo or the setup of your Collectique point!