Increase sales

by offering an ideal click & collect flow

Why click & collect?

Click & collect is an essential component for every retail business

Delight frequent shoppers

Click & collect shoppers spend 3x more than home delivery customers.

Boost omnichannel sales

61% of Click & collect customers make an additional purchase in-store.

Meet new service expectations

Leading retailers see more than 40% of all orders click & collected.

Collectique supports physical & online retailers in developing their ideal click & collect customer journey

Collectique helps retailers with the development and implementation of their click & collect strategy. We offer ready-to-use plugins to add a click (fit) & collect delivery option in checkout, a convenient dashboard to effectively follow up on click & collect orders which you can also fit and return in-store, and offer support where needed. Our main goal is to help retailers create a top-notch click & collect customer service that is efficient and tailored to their needs.

What else can you expect from us?

  • Developing and implementing a complete click & collect strategy, taking into account the requirements for optimal delivery and returns.
  • Negotiating and closing new partnerships for click & collect purposes. We offer online retailers a portfolio with potential partners which are available as click & collect points, or we help retailers in finding and contacting the right partners for their business. For physical retailers, we also offer a portfolio with potential online retail partners. Or we start a dedicated search for appropriate brands and webshops to bring qualified traffic to the store via click & collect.
  • Performing customer journey mapping for click & collect, both online and offline.
  • Looking at the required IT solutions, which may be plug & play or custom. Online fashion retailers can easily integrate our ‘Fit & Collect’ delivery option, or we can look into custom and white label solutions.
  • Facilitating order management for click & collect orders. We help you structure your order management system for click & collect orders, whether you are an online or offline retailer. We can offer our Collectique platform as a ready-to-use click & collect management system, which gives you an overview of all your orders, status updates, stores, brands, and partnerships.
  • Assessing the requirements for stores that will function as click & collect points.
  • Providing the right notifications for customers, stores, and webshops. Good to know: retailers can add e-vouchers to our notifications for new up-selling opportunities.
  • Organizing staff training and providing manuals for click & collect management.

See it live

We make delivery not only more convenient for your customers, but for your webshop too! Want to see what the Collectique service can look like on your webshop?

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Collectique offers a solution for several e-commerce softwares, including Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and custom-built webshops.


We provide pre-built platform extensions to make integrations super smooth.


You maintain complete flexibility as to which couriers you use, now or in the future. Don’t worry, you can keep your current warehouse operations and fulfillment process in place!


Easy to set up & easy to use

  • Easy to install software
  • Free integration guides and manual
  • Tech support for integrations
  • Compatible with your e-commerce software
  • Turn your own store into a Collectique point, driving additional footfall
  • Easily ship with your current couriers

Our Collectique platform keeps you up to speed

Give your customer services team a complete overview of every click & collect order.

Track and manage all your click & collect orders. Access parcel status information in real-time.

Easy search by customer name, postcode, click & collect point, order number, etc.

Keep an eye on your partners and your commissions.

Easily access our platform via your phone or tablet.

Get ahead of your competitors with new data insights

Receive data that help you make better decisions for your business.

Collectique tracks your parcel flow and the status updates of your orders. Our platform provides you with relevant statistics that let you track the impact of Collectique and inform your strategic thinking. Our data are there to support your decisions.

Assess how click & collect is performing for each store

Access a live stream of data and order updates

See when and where customers are collecting their orders

Check return rates and the reasons of return

Get insights on product categories, sizes, colours and price

Export your data in flexible formats

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